Indian captain and best batsman in the world Virat Kohli has conquered the first step of the final frontier in England. Kohli who averaged just 13 and scored 134 runs in England in back 2014 has now changed his equation only in one Test Match. Indian skipper not only emerged as the lone warrior in the 1st Test match against England where India lost by 31 runs. He also scored the 200 runs in two innings (149,51) with an average of 100.

Here in the Article, we discuss three changes Virat Kohli made in his batting technique to succeed in England

  1.  standing out of the crease to cut the swing

Virat Kohli has made some changes in his technique to score runs in England. The first change he applies was his standing position. He started to stand out of the crease to meet the ball fast on his bat. The Indian captain has had neglected the movement of the ball by countering the swing by playing the ball 1 foot forward.

2. Taking middle stump guard in place of leg stump

Usually, batsman used to take leg stump guard. But there is one problem in taking leg stump guard. It opens up batsman off-stump and the batter have no idea about the ball is going to hit his off-stump or fourth stump. If he doesn’t know where his off-stump is then he commits on the ball on 4th stump area and ball take the outside edge to slip cordon.

Virat Kohli took middle stump guard to cover his off-stump and leaving the ball comfortably on the fourth stump line. It helps him to get the proper judgment about the ball movement and swing.

3. opened his leg a bit to conquer inswing delivery

Virat made one more change in his batting. He opened his leg a bit to neglect the LBW chance against him. It also helps him to play inside the line and close to his body.

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