India lot the 1st Test Match by 31 runs in the close contest. When India required 194 runs in the 2nd inning to win the match it looked like an easy chase for the visitors. But when the outcome of 1st Test come against India. Questions have been arising on the Indian Coaching staff role in the Team. It is really unexpectable from the Team who recognize as the best batting Team. Indian batters committed same batting errors in 1st & 2nd innings.

It also indicated that Coaching Staff includes Ravi Shastri(Head coach, Bharat Arun (Bowing Coach), Sanjay Bangar ( Batting coach) and Ramakrishnan Sridhar(Fielding Coach) are not that much skillful to improve players errors in batting and moreover than that for last two years India has the 2nd worst record in the slip catching after Bangladesh. What is the role of Sridhar if he is not able to correct the slip catching of the players. The situation of Indian cricket is very disappointing.

The coaching staff is seemed to be gone with players to England for formality. They are not working with players technique properly. That’s why India team is making so many errors in batting and fielding. Meanwhile, Virat has all the power to decide what is right and wrong for the Team. He did not require support from the Coaching staff. But he needs to understand there are other 10 players who require some help regarding their technique and mental stability.

Indian coaching staff also have to become proactive with there role and responsibility for the beneficial of Team India.

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