The above question always comes to my mind as most of the cricket fans always love to watch batting and they always pray for their favorite batsman to perform in the match but when it came to bowling we have never seen any person who prays for particular bowlers to do well in a particular game. No matter how much bowler has performed he never gets as much popularity and credit like a batsman.

Take an example of Murlidharan who has picked up more than 1000 wickets in international cricket and we compare him with batsmen who matches his stature. If we take out the list of all great batsman then there is only one name that came to my mind and that is none other than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar who is also referred to as ‘God of Cricket’ because he is a batsman. Again the same question arises is that why Muthaiya is not the ‘God of Bowlers’ as he is also the highest wicket taker bowler in cricket.

Do we really pay equal respect to batsmen and bowlers?

if I analyze we don’t, i say this because from the time I have started watching cricket and the footage that I have seen with the help of youtube, it is clarified that god of honor is always associated with the batsman, it is the tradition in cricket that when any batsman retires from international cricket they get it in the form of tribute. This honor is provided by the opposition team. The best god honor that I have seen is given to Sachin Tendulkar and Kumar Sangakkara in his last international match

But if I talk about bowlers who did well in their career good they too are legends in their category.  It then looks harsh on them if they are not getting ‘God of honor’ on their retirement by the opposing team as they equally deserve the respect that we pay to batsman because bowlers are one who also wins matches for us and we just forget their hard work and performance that they put to win matches for their respective teams.

We have to change this mentality among batsman and bowlers by praising bowlers for their efforts in the cricket field and giving equal value to both gems of cricket, only then cricket can become a gentlemen game.


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