Law of averages come after some good patch in cricketers life but it is inversely proportioned with Indian openers, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma. They have maintained the tendency to score in one game and flopped at next three-game it becomes a regular process for both of them. It became more Detroit in chasing a target because they fail to give good start most of the time when India bat 2nd and they required to chase the target of more than 300 runs.

If we take a look at Rohit Sharma, last 3  innings while batting 2nd his score was 9,11and 5. The same story with Shikhar Dhawan his last two 2nd inning score was 15&1.

We are noticing both the openers from a long time and we had identified that when they played against Quality bowlers like Mohammad Amir, Mitchell starc, Dale Steyn or Trent bolt they struggled to score against them and got out early in the innings.

if they want to register their name in the list of great batsman then have to show consistency and win matches for India like Virat Kohli. otherwise, there are so many alternatives to the opening slot who have better consistency compare to both of them. The players I am talking about is Ajinkey Rahane who scored 7  half-centuries in his last 10 innings with the average of 52.4 that is consistency and those 3 innings where he scored less runs is the law of averages. This type of consistency makes the batsman great in any format.

so it is high time for Rohit&Shikhar to score runs continuously in the matches and makes their average better in 2nd innings.


Written By: KUSHAL. R. JAIN.


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