Virat Kohli created a new diet plan for him in order to improve his fitness and digestive system 

Indian captain Virat Kohli revealed that he turned vegetarian 4 months ago to improve his fitness and focus. The number 1 batsmen in the world follow the athletes of different sports and apply vegan diet plan. Earlier in the past many sports icons like Serena Williams, her sister Venus Williams, Lewis Hamilton and Leg spinner Carl Lewis became vegetarian to improve their performance in their respective sports.

The modern master changes his diets on the various juncture of his career. During the start of his career, Kohli focuses on increasing his muscle so he eats red meat and other non-vegetarian foods. But now his motive and ambition have changed. The Indian captain had started new vegan diet plan 4 months to improve his stamina, fitness and digestive power.

According to the source,Virat Kohli is feeling very light, stronger from inside and his digestive system has increased. Moreover he did’t miss non-veg food.



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