Australian cricket chairman David Peever has resigned from his post after being re-elected for the term of 3 years. Peever was facing a lot of pressure after the ball-tampering scandal in the test series against South Africa in March. He recently neglected the appeal of Steve Smith and Bancroft for the upliftment of their ban. The ethics center recently conducted the 145-page review which published on Monday. In the review, the role of CA was criticized for being arrogant and hard on players to win the matches.

Australia’s regular captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner were facing a 12-month ban, while opener Bancroft was banned for 9 months for inducting on the ball tampering incident.

Earl Hiddings, deputy chairman of CA will now take the charge of CA on an interim basis.

Hidding said to media”Cricket Australia needed to “earn back the trust of the cricket community”.


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