2018 is been a very disappointing year for Indian batsman in overseas Test matches

Since from the start of the year from South Africa Tour till now in Australia at end of the year 2018, two things remains constant for India. The first is a positive thing and 2nd is negative and worry factor for the no.1 side in the world. Let’s start with the positive of fast bowlers, who performed constantly in 2018 and picked 20 wickets of opposition almost every time in the overseas matches. It is the best phase of Indian fast bowling as Virat Kohli lead troops of pacers have been outclassing the bowling of South Africa, England, and Australia.

Now move on to the disappointing factor for team India this year, Batting is always India’s strength a few years back is now turned into a weakness in 2018. It looks like there are only one or two batsmen who are consistent, I haven’t seen any two batsmen scored hundred in one inning from India in Test for last 1 year. If we took out India’s batting performance in the first two test match in Adelaide and Perth, there are only two innings to show from Indian batsman. Cheteshwar Pujara 123 in Adelaide and Virat Kohli 123 in Perth are the single outperformance from team India. Cricket is a team game, but Indian batting is reliant on one batsman to score runs every time in test cricket. The results show the true story of India’s collective failure as a batting group cost India two series in South Africa and England.

The stats show Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara were the only two players from India to cross 500 runs mark in 2018.


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