Here in this article, we discuss how Indian pacers can succeed in Test series against Australia

Australia is a land of good bounce and pace. Whenever any young fast bowler went to Australia for the first time, He gets excited by the bounce and pace offer by an Australian pitch, He develops the misconception in his mind that he can run through the Australian batting line up with bouncers. but in reality, it didn’t work and most of the time teams struggled to pick wickets, especially Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka find it tough to get 20 wickets in Australia, so why it is so contrasting.

before discussing success mantra let’s just compare the pitches of Australia and England what is the difference between the two because India has recently played in England and what are the things they have to change from there to become successful as a bowling unit in Australia.

Generally, a margin of error in England can be big as there is two lengthy you often ball and pick wickets between full and long ball. But in Australia, the margin of error is very few. Because there is only one lengthy you have to hit consistently to get wickets. You can’t ball too full of Short, it is considered as the bad length in Australia.
so for Indian bowlers, they have to be very specific, particular and consistent with the length to taste success in the toughest place for fast bowlers in the world. than can watch the video of McGrath to get the hint where to bowl.

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