Kusha R Jain ( Co-founder & Editor)

Cricinshort is the most recognized cricket website. Which covers all international matches, Tournament, & event from the game of cricket.

Our journey was started two years ago. When two media university individuals come across with similar desire to become the sports writer, presenter.

We started our cricket journey by writing a cricket event regularly on our copy book from the newspaper. Later we move further to create broadcast videos using Chroma. In those videos we analyze the match, Discuss key points and provide interesting facts for our viewers.

We are determinant to bring change in the writing formate as readers love to read simple content not complex content.

I am Kushal R Jain and my friend James Kuanal are the founder of this website cricinshort (which suggest providing cricket info short, simple, unique and interesting way to our all readers.)

Our journey as a cricket presenter and writer has just started. We aspire to achieve big in our life and also motivate to inspire many for creating their career in this field of sports.

Cricinshort takes an International perspective on International cricket. Our writers ensure that you receive the best of content for the cricket readers. Note: The type of insights that we provide is unique and cannot be found on any other website.